September 08, 2007

A whole bag of headlines

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December 22, 2006

NYT: Huggable by Children: Replicas of Dogs That Searched 9/11 Ruins

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The New York Times reports today about plush puppy toys in honor of the search and rescue dogs which searched Ground Zero in the days after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The toys are on sale at a store on Liberty Street operated by the Tribute WTC organization which operates a visitor and history center on the southern edge of Ground Zero.

Photo of puppy toy by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

The puppy toys were developed in response to frequent questions by visitors asking for something they could give to their children to start a dialogue with my children or grandchildren about 9/11?.

The New York Times: Huggable by Children: Replicas of Dogs That Searched 9/11 Ruins (December 22, 2006)

November 17, 2006

Vivi: Still Being a Flirt

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Vivi, the missing whippet of Queens, is apparently still spreading her scent around: On Vivi's tail? Missing dog's scent picked up: Goin's two tracking dogs - Dodger and Cade - detected thewhippet's scent nearly 8 miles from Kennedy Airport and followed it south along the Van Wyck Expressway. Goin will resume the search today.

Previous Vivi sightings: Update on Vivi, Cancer, needles, tethers, and donuts

October 31, 2006

Headlines and Links for October 31, 2006

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Trained by Inmates, New Best Friends for Disabled Veterans

Article about Rainbow a Labrador Retriever trained to be an assistance dog for disabled military veterans by inmates at the Northeast Correctional Center in Concord,MA. Rainbow is the first graduate from Canines for Combat Veterans from NEADS. The dogs are dual-trained as both service dogs as well as to provide walking and balancing assistance.

Source: The New York Times: Trained by Inmates, New Best Friends for Disabled Veterans (October 31, 2006)

October 18, 2006

Cat starts fire, Dog rescues owner

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In Elkhart Lake, WI, a cat started a fire in a house. Jesse, a 13 year old dog of unidentified breeding, alerted the owner of the house, Jamie Hanson and brought her artificial leg over to her. Hanson was able to call 911 and get out of the house. Jesse returned to the house to attempt to rescue the cat, but both pets died in the resulting fire.

Source: Dog saves owner from fire, dies trying to rescue cat (October 18, 2006).

October 13, 2006

Ooh, look, headlines!

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Pet Shot To Death in S.W. Atlanta

Max, one of three dogs, was shot in the family's yard Saturday October 7, 2006 in Southwest Atlanta, GA.

Dateline: Atlanta,GA Source: WXIA-TV: Pet Shot To Death in S.W. AtlantaPet Shot To Death in S.W. Atlanta (October 10, 2006).

Witnesses identify juvenile as possible suspect

Two three-month-old, lab-mix puppies were rescued after being shoved down a cramped groundhog hole, where their owner apparently left them to die, local shelter officials said.

Dateline: Fulton, MO. Source: Fulton Sun: Witnesses identify juvenile as possible suspect (October 10, 2006).

Romulus laughs last as dog abuser sentenced

Oupa Seemo convicted of animal cruelty in Pretoria, South Africa for dragging Romulus, a Jack Russell Terrier, behind his car for several kilometers in June 2006.

Dateline: Pretoria, South Africa. Source: Independent Online: Romulus laughs last as dog abuser sentenced (October 10, 2006).

Mutt upstages surfing rivals

A dog became the main focus of attention at the 2006 Surf World Championship in Praia da Tiririca when it surfed with Caruso Mozart Volff. Police were called in to remove the pair for distracting from the competition.

Dateline: Praia da Tiririca, Brasil. Source: Independent Online: Mutt upstages surfing rivals (October 11, 2006).

Cass County's new drug dog is on the job

Dax is Cass County, Iowa's newest drug dog joining Cody. Funding for Dax and Cody comes from seized drug funds.

Dateline: Atlantic, IA. Source: Atlantic News Telegraph: Cass County’s new drug dog is on the job (October 11, 2006)".

Family Sues To Get Back Dog Lost In Katrina

Sheila Combs evacuated from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, forced to leave her dog Rocket behind. Rocket was then adopted by a Philadelphia, PA family. Combs is now suing the family and two kennels to return the dog and for unspecified damages for adopting the dog.

Dateline: Doylestown, PA. Source: WTAE-TV: Family Sues To Get Back Dog Lost In Katrina (October 9, 2006).

Dog shot during home invasion

Rocky, a German Shepherd was shot while defending his home from home invaders in Kingsford, NSW, Australia. The invaders shot Rocky twice as he charged them then robbed the elderly man Rocky was protecting.

Dateline: Kingsford, NSW, AU. Source: / AAP: Dog shot during home invasion (October 10, 2006).

Owners take the lead in dog walking protest

Dog owners are protesting a plan by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to ban dogs from St. Catherine's Hill in Winchester.

Dateline: Winchester, UK. Source: Newsquest / Owners take the lead in dog walking protest (October 10, 2006).

Nip becomes therapy dog for Mark Twain School

Nip has joined Mark Twain School in Bettendorf, IA as a therapy dog. He has his own web site. Nip is a Yellow Labrador Retriever, and is part of a group of therapy dogs in Quad-Cities area schools. Nip was trained as part of a prison dog program in Kansas, it is unclear if it was the Safe Harbor Prison Dogs program mentioned we blogged in August.

Dateline: Bettendorf, IA. Source: Quad-City Times: Nip becomes therapy dog for Mark Twain School (October 10, 2006).

"World's Rarest Dog" Could Be Saved With Rabies Vaccine

The Ethiopian Wolf is the world's rarest breed of canine, only approximately 500 remain in the wild. The species is being devastated by rabies. Ethiopian officials have yet to approve oral vaccines for rabies which are easier to administer. As a result, caregivers must trap and sedate the animals in order to administer vaccines during rabies outbreaks.

Dateline: Bale Mountain National Park, Ethiopia. Source: National Geographic News: "World's Rarest Dog" Could Be Saved With Rabies Vaccine (October 12, 2006).

Tortured Dog Left for Dead on Rural Road

Daniel Charles Haskett has been charged with injuring/endangering an animal, causing unnecessary suffering of an animal. The dog, a lab/collie mix had been bound with a bag over its head and a rope around the neck. The dog was still alive when found, its status now is unknown.

Dateline: Didsbury, AB. Source: The Calgary Sun: Tortured Dog Left for Dead on Rural Road (October 12, 2006)"

Forget your dead dog and get to school

Truancy officers from the North Liverpool Academy in Liverpool, UK ordered Charlie Bowden to return to school the day after his dog Susie passed away. Susie had helped him through the death of his mother four years ago.

Dateline: Liverpool, UK. Source: Liverpool Echo: Forget your dead dog and get to school (October 12, 2006)

Workers quit after wrong dog euthanized

Employees at a county shelter euthanized the wrong dog. A pit bull had been placed in the shelter in quarantine for ten days after biting a child. Another pit bull was scheduled to be euthanized (for undescribed reasons). Employees euthanized Barbara Reed's pet instead of the intended dog. Comments on the article indicate that the accusastion that the pet bit a child may have been false, a "joke" on the part of some kids.

Dateline: Louisville, KY. Source: The Courier-Journa: Workers quit after wrong dog euthanized (October 12, 2006)

Some news...

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Man strangles dog, displays it to owner

Willis Evans of Erie, PA allegedly strangled his roommate's dog with a belt, then confronted the owner with the dead animal, police said.

Source: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 12, 2006), also The Erie Times-News (October 12, 2006)

September 21, 2006

Still here

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Bit of a pause here at dogist while we try to work out a better process for posting and keeping up. Apologies for the lack of postings, we expect to resume our normal semi-irregular schedule next week.

September 03, 2006

News for September 3, 2006

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Meet my deer pal Bluebell

Story about Sam a Labrador Retriever who adopted an orphan deer Bluebell.

Source: The Sun Online (UK): Meet my deer pal Bluebell (August 1, 2006)

New leash on life

About Duke, an abandoned German Shepherd who is being adopted and put into the training course for the New York State Police Canine Unit.

Source: NY Daily News (US): New leash on life (August 30, 2006). Via: "Shelter Dog Training For K-9 Unit"

Dad's police dog attacks boy

An Edmonton, AL police dog, Sam faces euthanasia after biting two boys at a police union event while under the control of his handler.

Source: The Calgary Sun (CA): Dad's police dog attacks boy (September 1, 2006).

When Pet Friendliness Has Its Limits

In this week's installment of The Hunt, a couple seeks an apartment friendly to them and their 158 pound (72kg) English mastiff, Chief.

Source: The New York Times (US): When Pet Friendliness Has Its Limits (September 3, 2006).

Thermal Wear Dog Vest

Popgadget points out a cooling vest for dogs at Pet Gadgets. The vest absorbs the dog's heat keeping the dog cool for up to two hours.

Source: Pet Gadgets: Thermal Wear Dog Vest (September 1, 2006).

Cute and Furry, Some Say. A Beaten Dog, a Court Finds.

Bebe, a Bichon Fresé, became the first dog to be protected by an order of protection.

Source: The New York Times (US): Cute and Furry, Some Say. A Beaten Dog, a Court Finds. (September 1, 2006).

Bend beagle 10,000th 'second chance' dog

Lollipop, a four year old beagle became the 10,000th dog to be saved through the Oregon Humane Society's Second Chance program. The program works with other shelters in the Portland, OR area to relocate dogs to the OHS shelter if the dog has not been adopted, the shelter is overcrowded, or needs a change of scenery.

Source: KTVZ Newschannel 21 (US): Bend beagle 10,000th 'second chance' dog (August 31, 2006).

Court reduces damages for neighbor who poisoned 'Lucky' the dog

In 2003, Lucky died from poisoning, alleged to have been caused by plates of food laced with antifreeze. The alleged poisoner, Patricia Vajgrt, argued that Lucky was frequently loose and could have been poisoned elsewhere besides the plates of food in her garden. The Court of Appeals rejected that argument, and held up her conviction, but reduced the damages awarded to solely cover the costs of Lucky's medical bills and euthanasia.

Source: Duluth News Tribune (US): Court reduces damages for neighbor who poisoned 'Lucky' the dog (August 31, 2006).

Barking dog drives man to fraud

An unidentified man, upset at his neighbor's dog's constant barking, faked a letter to the family on the letterhead of the local SPCA.

Source: (South Africa): Barking dog drives man to fraud (August 31, 2006).

Man admits attack on dog walker

Michael Oakley was walking one of his Alsatians when he was attacked by Ron Smallshire, suffering 31 stab wounds. Smallshire allegedly attacked Oakley because he thought the Alsatian was attacking his collie.

Source: BBC Online (UK): Man admits attack on dog walker (August 29, 2006).

Boy pleads for return of stolen dog

Prada, a Staffordshire bull terrier was stolen by two thieves from an unidentified 13 year old boy. Bull terriers have become a target of thieves, and this is the fourth incident in the Harrow, UK area.

Source: Harrow Times (UK): Boy pleads for return of stolen dog (August 30, 2006).

Dog covered in cigarette burns

Another Staffordshire bull terrier, this time in Bromley, UK, is the target of abuse. The dog was emaciated and covered in cigarette burns. The dog was taken to the RSPCA to see if he could be rehabilitated.

Source: Bromley Times (UK): Dog covered in cigarette burns (August 30, 2006).

Dog contracts avian flu

Reports on findings that a dog contracted Avian Flu after eating infected ducks. Advice to ensure that dogs are not left alone in public places where infected birds exist.

Source: The Nation (Thailand): Dog contracts avian flu (August 30, 2006).

August 27, 2006

Headlines for August 27, 2006

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Happy dogs can mean grateful employees

On creating a dog-friendly workplace: Dog-friendly offices are good for dogs, but more importantly, they're good for business. It certainly helps attract and retain great employees.

Source: The Poughkeepsie Journal: Happy dogs can mean grateful employees (August 27, 2006)

Dog parks in the doghouse in some urban communities

Generally positive article about dog parks despite the headline: Dog parks are a product of increasing dog ownership, growing recognition that exercise and socializing can reduce canine misbehavior, and the lure of rubbing elbows with fellow dog lovers.

Source: AP/ Dog parks in the doghouse in some urban communities (August 26, 2006)

CRD shih tzu'd dog coffee shop

Two guys opened up the Pup N Cup Doggie Boutique Cafe in Vancouver Island, B.C. with the idea of selling self-serve coffee to owners as an added treat. The Vancouver Island Health Authority shut them down for health hazards, even though the owners had stated their intent in the online application. The VIHA blame their email application for cutting off the owner's application for permits.

"We told them exactly what we were going to do. We told them we were going to offer dog services, we were going to be a dog store, we were a doggy boutique specializing in high-end clothing, foods, that kind of thing for dogs and coffee for humans," Luker said. "And that's what we put on our application."

The owners now plan a form of civil disobedience: selling coffee to dogs.

Source: Peninsula News Review: CRD shih tzu'd dog coffee shop (August 25, 2006). Other coverage: Times Colonist: Pup N Cup business plans going to the dogs (August 9, 2006), Citizen Canine Dog Forum: VANCOUVER ISLAND HEALTH AUTHORITY THINKS OUR DOGS ARE DIRTY! (August 8, 2006).

Pooch pedometers help humans pound pavement

A researcher at the Charlottetown, PEI Atlantic Veterinary College has fitted dogs with pedometers, in an effort to see if emphasis on the dog's health will help improve the owner's health as well: Because people love their dogs and want their dogs to be happy and healthy, just like they want themselves to be happy and healthy. We hope we can translate that very close bond into something tangible health-wise.

Source: CBC News: Pooch pedometers help humans pound pavement (August 25, 2006)

August 25, 2006


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Apologies, we're still travelling in the Chicago area. Some headlines we've caught while on the road:

August 19, 2006

Big bowl of dog news

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  • Dog attacks, kills woman in Coral Springs: Unidentified breed of dog blamed for attacking, killing a woman, possibly the owner.
  • FEI recalls 340,000 bendable dog, cat toys: Fun Express Inc is recalling 340,000 dog and cat toys due to elevated levels of lead.
  • Dog that bit Williston girl found: Dog bit girl then left with owner who may or may not have known about dog bite. Owner tracked down to confirm dog had current rabies vaccinations.
  • Shelters asking cities to enforce dangerous-dog laws: Animal shelters in the Kansas City, MO area are asking communities to consider alternative approaches to outright breed bans against pit bulls, such as requiring spaying and neutering.
  • Cop shoots dog after neighbor reports bite: A followup to yesterday's article about Lobo who (allegedly) attacked a neighbor and was shot as a result by police officers, requiring the amputation of a leg.
  • John, I Said Your Dog has Bees, not Fleas: Yellow Labrador Retriever abandoned or poorly treated by owner John Shaver, including an open tumor which had been colonized by bees. Shaver has been charged with animal cruelty.
  • Another Potentially Dangerous Dog Shot By Officer: Pit Bull shot and wounded by police officer after it charged him and his K-9 while investigating a burglar alarm.
  • Pet lovers support frozen dog owner: Sherida Baksh had her pompek Tammy frozen after it died. She wants to have a necropsy performed in Las Vegas, NV (US) to determine whether the veterinarian was at fault.
  • SPEARS: 'I WANT TO BE BURIED WITH MY DOG': Britney Spears was quoted as wanting her dog Lucky to be buried with her, mimicking the ancient Pharoahs of Egypt. Lucky was unavailble to comment.
  • Suicidal man cuts himself, police dog : Man attempting to commit suicide slashes K-9 dog and police officer with knife. Unidentified K-9 is recovering from one half-inch wound to neck. Man is recovering from his self-inflicted wounds.
  • Dog dies saving family from blaze: Zak a mixed-breed dog woke up the family as smoke and fire swept throught their home. Zak died from smoke inhalation. The fire was due to an unattended chip pan.
  • City accused of cutting corners on dog park: Although Salt Lake County allocated $400,000 (US) to the city of West Jordan for a dog park, the city has budgeted only $217,000 (US) for the park, excluding a number of amenities such as lighting, benches, and paved walkways for disabled users of the park. Salt Lake County has the final approval on the park.
  • Scared dog gets rooftop rescue: Black Labrador mix nicknamed Rufus discovered on roof near Bronough Street overpass in Tallahassee. Police and Fire officials guess that the dog either jumped from the street or was thrown from a car and landed on the roof. The fire department's 100 foot ladder truck was required to reach the roof and rescue the dog. Rufus is now at the Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center.
  • Dog attacks again, sending teen to hospital: Mel, an Akita, was loose in a neighborhood when a neighbor, Evan Talaber walked up to him to lead him back to his home. Mel attacked Talaber leaving a large gash in his thigh. Mel mauled two other children in the neighborhood in 2005. As a result the owner, Terrance Jackson signed Mel over to the Northampton County SPCA
  • Dog injury prompts RSPCA warning on utes: Border collie badly injured from fall from moving ute (SUV). RSPCA advises owners to tether dogs securely with a short lead so they cannot fall off or get off the moving vehicle.
  • Dog Owners Think Fiesta Island Plan Bites: Fiesta Island is a man-made 480 acre wasteland in the middle of one of San Diego's major destination zones. Currently the entire island is available as an offleash area for dogs and is mostly used by dogs and their owners except during the "Over the Line" events. San Diego parks have proposed a dramatic change in use for the island which would slice the island into "leash free" zones. The city wants to overhall the island to make it more attractive to others.
  • Paris to present TV dog show: Paris Hilton will allegedly emcee a new television show America's Cutest Pup for Women's Entertainment. The casting call does not mention Paris. Auditions are occuring around the country (US) in September and October.
  • Voodoo Worshipper Sentenced For Killing Girlfriend's Mom, Dog: Pierre Carrenard of Brooklyn, NY sentenced to consecutive terms of 25 years to life for killing a woman, two years for killing a dog, and a year for slashing a teenager.
  • Dog's death at pound leads to new safety rules: Caesar, a six year old St Bernard, died of heat exhaustion on August 2nd, 2006 at the South Kingstown dog pound. Caesar had been found wandering and had an expired set of tags. The town is revising its policy of allowing dogs to remain outdoors at the pound when the temperature exceeds 85F as a result of Caesar's death.
  • Controversial Guide Dog to Be Retired: Miden, an 8 year old guide dog for Bob Jardine, mauled Buddy, a 10 pound Maltese in June 2006. As a result Miden was classified as a vicious dog and required to wear a muzzle. Miden will be retired as a guide dog and will instead live with Jardine as a pet. It is implied in the story that Miden is a German Shepherd but it's not explicitly stated.
  • RSPCA investigates NSW dog squad: The RSPCA is investigating the NSW police dog squad for the use of electric shock collars. The collars are illegal in the Australian states of New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The NSW Police claim to be exempt from the laws governing collars.
  • Dog rescued from burning house in Harker Heights: An unnamed Harker heights dog was rescued from a fire in the family home.
  • Hundreds of Dogs Competing for Best in Show: About Connor, a three year old Australian Shepherd competing at the Capital City Cluster Dog Show in Topeka, KS (US).
  • Second clash over HCA dog training turns confrontational: Residents and dog owners are clashing over the Horseshoe Hunting Retriever Club's use of the Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve for training. Residents complain that the training is in contradiction to the park's designation for passive recreational use.
  • Love triangles' leave dogs feeling jealous
  • Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation gets $1 million gift: The Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation received a $1,000,000 US gift from the estate of Dorothy Rich. The association has a normal budget of approximately $275,000. Half of the money will be used to create an endowment for the organization. Rich willed nearly $5 million to another dozen assistance dog programs throughout the US.
  • Feds Charge Dog Trainer in Prison Escape: A prison volunteer, Toby Young and the president of Safe Harbor Prison Dog Program used a dog crate to assist the escape of John Manard. Young was sentenced to 21 months in prison after reaching a plea agreement. Prision officials have indicated that they intend to continue the program, which uses inmates to train dogs to be adopted by families.