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August 27, 2006

Headlines for August 27, 2006

Happy dogs can mean grateful employees

On creating a dog-friendly workplace: Dog-friendly offices are good for dogs, but more importantly, they're good for business. It certainly helps attract and retain great employees.

Source: The Poughkeepsie Journal: Happy dogs can mean grateful employees (August 27, 2006)

Dog parks in the doghouse in some urban communities

Generally positive article about dog parks despite the headline: Dog parks are a product of increasing dog ownership, growing recognition that exercise and socializing can reduce canine misbehavior, and the lure of rubbing elbows with fellow dog lovers.

Source: AP/chron.com: Dog parks in the doghouse in some urban communities (August 26, 2006)

CRD shih tzu'd dog coffee shop

Two guys opened up the Pup N Cup Doggie Boutique Cafe in Vancouver Island, B.C. with the idea of selling self-serve coffee to owners as an added treat. The Vancouver Island Health Authority shut them down for health hazards, even though the owners had stated their intent in the online application. The VIHA blame their email application for cutting off the owner's application for permits.

"We told them exactly what we were going to do. We told them we were going to offer dog services, we were going to be a dog store, we were a doggy boutique specializing in high-end clothing, foods, that kind of thing for dogs and coffee for humans," Luker said. "And that's what we put on our application."

The owners now plan a form of civil disobedience: selling coffee to dogs.

Source: Peninsula News Review: CRD shih tzu'd dog coffee shop (August 25, 2006). Other coverage: Times Colonist: Pup N Cup business plans going to the dogs (August 9, 2006), Citizen Canine Dog Forum: VANCOUVER ISLAND HEALTH AUTHORITY THINKS OUR DOGS ARE DIRTY! (August 8, 2006).

Pooch pedometers help humans pound pavement

A researcher at the Charlottetown, PEI Atlantic Veterinary College has fitted dogs with pedometers, in an effort to see if emphasis on the dog's health will help improve the owner's health as well: Because people love their dogs and want their dogs to be happy and healthy, just like they want themselves to be happy and healthy. We hope we can translate that very close bond into something tangible health-wise.

Source: CBC News: Pooch pedometers help humans pound pavement (August 25, 2006)

August 25, 2006


Apologies, we're still travelling in the Chicago area. Some headlines we've caught while on the road:

August 19, 2006

Big bowl of dog news

  • Dog attacks, kills woman in Coral Springs: Unidentified breed of dog blamed for attacking, killing a woman, possibly the owner.
  • FEI recalls 340,000 bendable dog, cat toys: Fun Express Inc is recalling 340,000 dog and cat toys due to elevated levels of lead.
  • Dog that bit Williston girl found: Dog bit girl then left with owner who may or may not have known about dog bite. Owner tracked down to confirm dog had current rabies vaccinations.
  • Shelters asking cities to enforce dangerous-dog laws: Animal shelters in the Kansas City, MO area are asking communities to consider alternative approaches to outright breed bans against pit bulls, such as requiring spaying and neutering.
  • Cop shoots dog after neighbor reports bite: A followup to yesterday's article about Lobo who (allegedly) attacked a neighbor and was shot as a result by police officers, requiring the amputation of a leg.
  • John, I Said Your Dog has Bees, not Fleas: Yellow Labrador Retriever abandoned or poorly treated by owner John Shaver, including an open tumor which had been colonized by bees. Shaver has been charged with animal cruelty.
  • Another Potentially Dangerous Dog Shot By Officer: Pit Bull shot and wounded by police officer after it charged him and his K-9 while investigating a burglar alarm.
  • Pet lovers support frozen dog owner: Sherida Baksh had her pompek Tammy frozen after it died. She wants to have a necropsy performed in Las Vegas, NV (US) to determine whether the veterinarian was at fault.
  • SPEARS: 'I WANT TO BE BURIED WITH MY DOG': Britney Spears was quoted as wanting her dog Lucky to be buried with her, mimicking the ancient Pharoahs of Egypt. Lucky was unavailble to comment.
  • Suicidal man cuts himself, police dog : Man attempting to commit suicide slashes K-9 dog and police officer with knife. Unidentified K-9 is recovering from one half-inch wound to neck. Man is recovering from his self-inflicted wounds.
  • Dog dies saving family from blaze: Zak a mixed-breed dog woke up the family as smoke and fire swept throught their home. Zak died from smoke inhalation. The fire was due to an unattended chip pan.
  • City accused of cutting corners on dog park: Although Salt Lake County allocated $400,000 (US) to the city of West Jordan for a dog park, the city has budgeted only $217,000 (US) for the park, excluding a number of amenities such as lighting, benches, and paved walkways for disabled users of the park. Salt Lake County has the final approval on the park.
  • Scared dog gets rooftop rescue: Black Labrador mix nicknamed Rufus discovered on roof near Bronough Street overpass in Tallahassee. Police and Fire officials guess that the dog either jumped from the street or was thrown from a car and landed on the roof. The fire department's 100 foot ladder truck was required to reach the roof and rescue the dog. Rufus is now at the Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center.
  • Dog attacks again, sending teen to hospital: Mel, an Akita, was loose in a neighborhood when a neighbor, Evan Talaber walked up to him to lead him back to his home. Mel attacked Talaber leaving a large gash in his thigh. Mel mauled two other children in the neighborhood in 2005. As a result the owner, Terrance Jackson signed Mel over to the Northampton County SPCA
  • Dog injury prompts RSPCA warning on utes: Border collie badly injured from fall from moving ute (SUV). RSPCA advises owners to tether dogs securely with a short lead so they cannot fall off or get off the moving vehicle.
  • Dog Owners Think Fiesta Island Plan Bites: Fiesta Island is a man-made 480 acre wasteland in the middle of one of San Diego's major destination zones. Currently the entire island is available as an offleash area for dogs and is mostly used by dogs and their owners except during the "Over the Line" events. San Diego parks have proposed a dramatic change in use for the island which would slice the island into "leash free" zones. The city wants to overhall the island to make it more attractive to others.
  • Paris to present TV dog show: Paris Hilton will allegedly emcee a new television show America's Cutest Pup for Women's Entertainment. The casting call does not mention Paris. Auditions are occuring around the country (US) in September and October.
  • Voodoo Worshipper Sentenced For Killing Girlfriend's Mom, Dog: Pierre Carrenard of Brooklyn, NY sentenced to consecutive terms of 25 years to life for killing a woman, two years for killing a dog, and a year for slashing a teenager.
  • Dog's death at pound leads to new safety rules: Caesar, a six year old St Bernard, died of heat exhaustion on August 2nd, 2006 at the South Kingstown dog pound. Caesar had been found wandering and had an expired set of tags. The town is revising its policy of allowing dogs to remain outdoors at the pound when the temperature exceeds 85F as a result of Caesar's death.
  • Controversial Guide Dog to Be Retired: Miden, an 8 year old guide dog for Bob Jardine, mauled Buddy, a 10 pound Maltese in June 2006. As a result Miden was classified as a vicious dog and required to wear a muzzle. Miden will be retired as a guide dog and will instead live with Jardine as a pet. It is implied in the story that Miden is a German Shepherd but it's not explicitly stated.
  • RSPCA investigates NSW dog squad: The RSPCA is investigating the NSW police dog squad for the use of electric shock collars. The collars are illegal in the Australian states of New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The NSW Police claim to be exempt from the laws governing collars.
  • Dog rescued from burning house in Harker Heights: An unnamed Harker heights dog was rescued from a fire in the family home.
  • Hundreds of Dogs Competing for Best in Show: About Connor, a three year old Australian Shepherd competing at the Capital City Cluster Dog Show in Topeka, KS (US).
  • Second clash over HCA dog training turns confrontational: Residents and dog owners are clashing over the Horseshoe Hunting Retriever Club's use of the Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve for training. Residents complain that the training is in contradiction to the park's designation for passive recreational use.
  • Love triangles' leave dogs feeling jealous
  • Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation gets $1 million gift: The Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation received a $1,000,000 US gift from the estate of Dorothy Rich. The association has a normal budget of approximately $275,000. Half of the money will be used to create an endowment for the organization. Rich willed nearly $5 million to another dozen assistance dog programs throughout the US.
  • Feds Charge Dog Trainer in Prison Escape: A prison volunteer, Toby Young and the president of Safe Harbor Prison Dog Program used a dog crate to assist the escape of John Manard. Young was sentenced to 21 months in prison after reaching a plea agreement. Prision officials have indicated that they intend to continue the program, which uses inmates to train dogs to be adopted by families.

August 18, 2006

News for August 18, 2006

dogist will be a bit slow with updates for several days due to the Dogist World Tour 2006. And now for some news:

  • The Gertie Effect: Then, about six months after she arrived, I felt the first stirrings of a deep transformation. Something at the cellular level was taking place, and I was powerless to control it. My behavior began to change. I began to smile at people when passing them in a hallway.

August 16, 2006

News for August 16, 2006

A Keizer, Oregon (US) dog was shot by a police officer after the dog got loose from its yard and bit a neighbor: Dog survives shooting by police officer. Lobo, a seven year old Siberian Husky survived the gun shot but a right leg was amputated.

Dog-dumping biker a new breed of thief: A thief in Perth, Australia takes motorbikes for test rides, leaving behind a dog as a bond to return the bike, but never returns, abandoning the dog. So far two dogs have been abandoned and face being euthanized if they remain unclaimed or unadopted.

Community stunned by 'satanic' attack on dog: In Kempton Park, South Africa, a boy was witnessed kicking and attacking a dog. Before the witness could stop him, the boy fled, and the dog died. Police state that this is one of a number of incidents of dogs being tortured and murdered by people allegedly following Satanic rites.

In the U.K., thieves broke into the home of Andy van der Meyde and stole numerous items including a seven month old French Mastiff named Mac. The Guardian quotes van der Meyde: Obviously I want my stuff back. But I want Mac back more than anything. He is just a puppy.

Also in the U.K., youths are alleged to have thrown a dog off a bridge: Dog thrown to death from bridge. The youths were seen fleeing the scene after a springer spaniel was tossed from the bridge onto the A19 in Jarrow, South Tyneside. Although motorists were able to avoid hitting the dog, it died from extensive injuries.

PETA demands jail time, psychiatric intervention if alleged dog killer is convicted. In Largo, FL (US), Jimmy Walton was arrested and charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty after authorities discovered a dead wolf hybrid in his yard. This dog suffered from such neglect and external parasitism that likely led to debilitating anemia and was in a state of starvation. Four other dogs are with the SPCA. Related coverage:

More than a dog: Retired police canine dies at age 9: about Solo, a German Shepherd K-9 for the Lodi, CA police department. Solo was diagnosed with cancer on Sunday and euthanized.

Service dog banned from school

In Scituate, MA, officials have barred Indy, a golden-retriever labrador mix from the Jenkins Elementary School. Indy normally accompanies Hailey Menduca who suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta. Officials at the school claim that Indy growled and barked at teachers when he accompanied Menduca to school.

From Officials in Scituate ban trained guide dog from 2d-grader's school via The Obscure Store and Reading Room

August 14, 2006

Got yer news right here...

Exotic Pet Bites Paris: Paris Hilton's pet kinkajou Baby Luv bit her on her left arm.

How the dog and bone brought bad news for City to Surf hopeful Field A black labrador crashed into the knee of two-time women's winner Hayley Field on a training run ...for the city to Surf race. The crash caused a stress fracture in her knee.

Iraq group uses "dog bomb" against US forces: Web

A distant shot in a video issued by the group appeared to show a dog sitting on the side of a road as a military vehicle approached, moments before a large explosion occurred

Iraqi Jihad has been known to use dead dogs to hide explosives. This apparently isn't new, it's mentioned in this Jihad Watch 2005 post as well as this Animal People news posting from June 2006.

Rabies threat spells end of dog days: Another article of coverage of the slaughter of dogs in China. "Pet ownership is now a way of life in China. The Government must come up with a rational and humane way of managing this phenomenon," The article mentions that similar slaughters are planned in India where efforts to control rabies in stray dogs are limited by limited availability of rabies vaccines.

Their barks will mean muzzles over their bites, says minister: NSW Minister for Local Government Kerry Hickey said that any dog which rangers deem to be posing a threat can be declared dangerous under proposed laws for the state cabinet. Presently dogs must attack or repeatedly threaten an individual before being declared dangerous. Once declared dangerous, the dog must be neutered or spayed, kenneled in a childproof kennel or crate, and muzzled and leashed at all times in public.

Man fights dog - for women's affections The Petcare Information and Advisory Service surveyed more than 2000 Austrlian women to rate the qualities they look for in a partner against a dog. Loyalty came out as the top quality for both men and dogs.

The enduring agony of a pit bull rampage: this is a three part series to be posted over the course of the week.

Saying farewell to Jumbo: Yorkville (IL) K-9 officer Jumbo died of natural causes on Monday the 7th August. He was Yorkville's first K-9. Jumbo was a black Belgian shephered, "sworn" in to duty in 1999. Having been born and raised in Belgium, he responded to orders only in Flemish.

Emotionally Disturbed Man Stabs Officer, Police Dog: In Ridge, NY a Suffolk county police officer and his K-9 partner Ike were stabbed with a box cutter by an emotionally disturbed man. Ike was stabbed in a paw.

60 puppies die in tractor-trailer fire: semi-trailer with 60 puppies as cargo caught fire on I-495. All 60 dogs were killed. A malfunctioning fan is being blamed for the fire.

August 11, 2006

Cancer, needles, tethers, and donuts

Is a type of cancer a new form of life?

Yesterday, The Loom wrote about sticker's Sarcoma, a type of cancer which appears to be spread dog-to-dog, referring to a recent paper in the publication Cell. The dog develops a tumor, which eventually dissipates as the dog either develops antibodies to the pathogen which causes the tumor or some other action occurs. The cancer is of the immune cells called histiocytes. It appears to be the first case of a cancer spreading organism to organism without a carrier of some sort.

Weiss' team reached these conclusions by examining tumor cells and blood samples from 16 unrelated dogs from Italy, India and Kenya, as well as samples from animals in the United States, Brazil, Turkey and Spain. This showed the tumor cells seen today all originated in the same animal long ago, and have diverged slightly into two distinct lineages.

Pending law in California restricts tethering of dogs

Pending law SB1578 would restrict the tethering of dogs outside to three hours in a 24 hour period.

Curiously, the NRA is against this law.

PETA keeps a list of communities which ban or restrict chaining or tethering dogs.

Service dog kicked out of Dunkin Donuts

Karen Robinson and her black labrador retriever guild dog, Hampton, were forced to leave a Hyde Park (Chicago,IL) restaurant after an employee at Dunkin Donuts called the police on her after she refused to tie Hampton up outside the restaurant. The incident occurred July 8, 2006.

This week, the Chicago Police Department started educating officers about the state's White Cane Law with a five minute video, the script of which is quite similar to the incident at the Dunkin Donuts.

Whackjob booby-traps ham with pins

A whackjob, probably in support of the Juniper Park Civic Association's campaign against off-leash hours in the New York City parks, planted a ham in a brown bag in Central Park which was laced with pins or needles. Milo, a Labrador Retriever, tore into the ham and swallowed 30 pins, some of which were up to three inches long.

Other news

August 10, 2006

Chicago area town charges for dog run access

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago, IL area town of Glen Ellyn Park District has approved fees of US$35 for residents and US$175 for non-residents to use a 5 acre dog run located in the town. The fees for the Spring Avenue park were initiated after a Rottweiler allegedly bit a resident (unclear if the Rottweiler was a foreign Roti or native to Glen Ellyn).

Park board vice president Sandra Minogue defended the fees with the standard canard: The dog park itself does cost the Park District money to keep up.. I wonder how much they charge for children to use the parks?

Dog owners, both resident and non-resident, are threatening to boycott the park and local businesses if the fees go into effect as planned.

Our local dog run in Brooklyn is free to all. In practice this has resulted in suburban bozoes bringing their un-socialized dogs to the park to disrupt the park for local residents and local dogs. Perhaps New York City should impose fees on non-residents. Oh, wait, since the commuter tax was repealed in an election-year gambit, I doubt we'd be allowed to impose a fee on non-resident dogs. Suburnanite's rights and all that.

Source: The Chicago Tribune: Dog park fee unleashes ire (August 10, 2006)

In the papers August 10, 2006

The New York Times follows up on the mass-murder of dogs in two provinces in China: A Chinese Outcry: Doesn’t a Dog Have Rights?. In the wake of killing over 50,000 dogs in Yunnan Province, and potential kills in Shandong Province, pet owners in China are mobilizing against the mass-killings.

In fact, discussion of the issue has surpassed the bounds of a simple conversation about pets’ rights, with many commentators sharply questioning a system that could order the mass extermination of dogs, whether or not they are licensed and vaccinated. The reaction of groups and individuals, often through the Internet, also provides a striking illustration of the emergence of true public opinion in China, unmediated by the official press or censors.

The dogs are being killed in attempt to cut the spread of rabies, which kills over 900 people in China a year. Many of the killed dogs were vaccinated against rabies, though vaccination is apparently still rare in China.

August 08, 2006

Bad week for canines...

Omnibus in-the-papers catch-up edition:

In China, the follow-up to killing 50,000+ dogs in Yunnan Province was to slaughter thousands of additional dogs in Shandong province: Sixteen die of rabies after dog attacks in E. China city: The local epidemic prevention authority has announced it will kill dogs within five kilometers of each affected village. via Shanghaiist.

Additional commentary from Shanghai Daily: ‘Dog Day’ in Shanghai Daily presents a mix of views from the staff at Shanghai Daily, some saying that this was a coverup by the government to account for not controlling the spread of rabies with vaccinations, others saying that this is a cultural clash between Western views of pets and dogs and traditional Chinese culture.

Dog Mauls Bears

Dog goes berserk, destroys Elvis' teddy bear. Barney, a six year old Doberman Pinscher guard dog at Wookey Hole Caves in Wells, England attacked a collection of teddy bears. From The Guardian Guard dog mauls Elvis's teddy in rampage:

Barney's mortified handler, Greg West, who took 10 minutes to get the dog back under control, said: I still can't believe what happened. Either there was a rogue scent of some kind on Mabel which switched on Barney's deepest instincts, or it could have been jealousy: I was just stroking Mabel and saying what a nice little bear she was."

Dog Mauls Bears! Teddy Bears, That Is, Maybe Even the King’s: Photographs of Barney in British newspapers on Thursday showed the Doberman with what might or might not be an expression of canine contrition, sitting on his haunches amid detritus of glass eyes, amber fur, stuffing and other ursine innards.

Elvis bear worth £40,000 mauled by guard dog: some bears had escaped relatively lightly - with Barney simply slobbering over them.

Other headlines:

  • Dog wakes family during house fire. Daisy, a Bull Mastiff, woke 8 year old Katarina Scholz with barking to alert her to a fire in her bedroom. Two other dogs were killed in the ensuing fire.
  • Tiny drug dog sniffs out big career: The Geauga County (Ohio,US) sherriff has added a 6 pound Chihuahua-rat terrier to its K-9 crew as a narcotics sniffing K-9. McClelland began training Midge for drug-detecting duties when she was just 3 months old, after reading about departments being sued by suspects whose cars or homes were damaged by larger dogs.
  • Officer kills dog after being attacked by juvenile: A Chicago, IL police officer in pursuit of a suspect, shot and killed a Rottweiler who had been commanded to attack him by a local resident.
  • Police dog killed by Cicero cop: Dago, a German Shepherd K-9 with the Countryside, IL police department, was shot by a Cicero, IL police officer during a chase of a suspect. The suspect remains at large. Also: Police dog dies in accidental shooting.
  • Man snaps pups' necks, threatens to kill girlfriend: A St. Paul, MN whack job killed ten pit-bull puppies as part of an argument with his girlfriend by snapping their necks and tossing the corpses into a trash can.
  • Man charged with cruelty for nearly beheading dogJeffrey Paul Jones of Macon, killed a mixed-breed bulldog named Emax to avenge the death of his chickens. Emax, a nine-year old mixed breed with a bad hip, was by Otis Redding III, and was killed some time between May 19 and May 20, 2006.

August 03, 2006

A dog's life

There must have been an order to write up dog day care and spas this week at the NYT company: A Dog’s Life, Sure, but With Aromatherapy and Massages - New York Times: Every day, a white van bearing the pastel-lettered name Spa Dog snakes through the hidden byways of the toniest neighborhoods in Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles beyond, avoiding traffic on the way to a grooming appointment with a dog. Anyone feeling skeptical about Mr. Ogden’s devotion to animals would be moved by the gentle attention he gave to the ears of Kodiac, an aging golden retriever whose many operations and arthritis have rendered him unable to hop into the van.

August 01, 2006

Dog days...don't bring your dog to China

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