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Cancer, needles, tethers, and donuts

Is a type of cancer a new form of life?

Yesterday, The Loom wrote about sticker's Sarcoma, a type of cancer which appears to be spread dog-to-dog, referring to a recent paper in the publication Cell. The dog develops a tumor, which eventually dissipates as the dog either develops antibodies to the pathogen which causes the tumor or some other action occurs. The cancer is of the immune cells called histiocytes. It appears to be the first case of a cancer spreading organism to organism without a carrier of some sort.

Weiss' team reached these conclusions by examining tumor cells and blood samples from 16 unrelated dogs from Italy, India and Kenya, as well as samples from animals in the United States, Brazil, Turkey and Spain. This showed the tumor cells seen today all originated in the same animal long ago, and have diverged slightly into two distinct lineages.

Pending law in California restricts tethering of dogs

Pending law SB1578 would restrict the tethering of dogs outside to three hours in a 24 hour period.

Curiously, the NRA is against this law.

PETA keeps a list of communities which ban or restrict chaining or tethering dogs.

Service dog kicked out of Dunkin Donuts

Karen Robinson and her black labrador retriever guild dog, Hampton, were forced to leave a Hyde Park (Chicago,IL) restaurant after an employee at Dunkin Donuts called the police on her after she refused to tie Hampton up outside the restaurant. The incident occurred July 8, 2006.

This week, the Chicago Police Department started educating officers about the state's White Cane Law with a five minute video, the script of which is quite similar to the incident at the Dunkin Donuts.

Whackjob booby-traps ham with pins

A whackjob, probably in support of the Juniper Park Civic Association's campaign against off-leash hours in the New York City parks, planted a ham in a brown bag in Central Park which was laced with pins or needles. Milo, a Labrador Retriever, tore into the ham and swallowed 30 pins, some of which were up to three inches long.

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